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Annuity Watch USA

Retirement Planning and Annuities Experts at provides educational resources geared to addressing the investment and retirement challenges faced by today’s baby boomer generation. According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), a husband and wife both aged 65 have approximately a 47% chance that at least one of them will live to his or her 90th birthday and a 20% chance of living to his or her 95th birthday. As life expectancy continues to climb, outliving one’s assets has become the number one fear of many aging Americans. Using a combination of educational videos, podcasts, and timely blog posts, Annuity Watch USA provides tools and resources that help people learn more about strengthening their retirement futures through retirement income planning.


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Annuity Watch USA’s goal is to explore strategies designed to help individuals and families attain long-term financial security, especially when it comes to answering an increasing demand for guaranteed lifetime income in retirement.