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When Benefit Cuts Sabotage Your Retirement Plans

Monday, October 14th, 2013 and is filed under Financial Planning Blogs, Long term care, Saving for Retirement

Benefit CutsOne of the consequences of all of the turmoil in our economy over the last few years has been companies reducing retirement benefits. Whether you are happily married, divorced, or divorcing, this can have major repercussions – especially for women.

I’d like to introduce Susan. Read More

Long Term Care Insurance – Plan now for a little TLC through LTC

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 and is filed under Insurance-based products, Long term care, Saving for Retirement

Long Term CareHitting that century mark or even living well into our nineties is hard to fathom––so much so, that a lot of us are guilty of just ignoring the “what ifs” of making it that far in life. However, for women, facts show that we ARE living longer and longer. This is great news but living longer may create some pretty severe financial challenges. It’s a smart idea to put a solid long term care plan in place, either by saving for it or through long term care insurance planning … the sooner, the better. Read More

How one woman increased her retirement income 40%

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 and is filed under Financial Planning Blogs, Long term care, Saving for Retirement

Working with annuity experts –– like us here at Women Money & Power –– can make a huge difference when it comes to how much monthly income you’ll enjoy in retirement.

We recently met with Katy, a female executive at a Fortune 100 Company, who was looking to add an income component to her portfolio as she prepared to retire. Her company’s 401k administrator suggested that she roll over her 401k into a company-sponsored annuity. After discussing her situation with us here at Women Money & Power, we were able to find an annuity option that provides her over 40% more a month in income. Katy is now able to enjoy a substantially higher retirement income after utilizing our expertise in the annuity market.

The bottom line is you should never settle for less…especially with something as important as how much income you can enjoy during your retirement years. Read More

How a 62-year old Texan met her retirement income goal with just $500K

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 and is filed under Long term care, Saving for Retirement

I recently came across a post on a large national newspaper’s blog talking about how investors should focus on generating cash flow during their retirement years.

This makes a lot of sense. Many savers get discouraged when they try to wrap their heads around how much money they’ll need to accumulate before retirement. Savings are important, without a doubt! But generating a predictable income from your savings––income you can’t outlive––is even more so.

At Women Money & Power, we have always advised our clients to keep their eye on the monthly income prize – not a pie-in-the-sky lump sum savings amount. Then, we concentrate on putting an income strategy in place that helps them achieve their income goals. Read More

Uncle Sam Weighs in on Lifetime Income

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 and is filed under Financial Planning Blogs, Long term care, Saving for Retirement

According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), a husband and wife both aged 65 have approximately a 47% chance that at least one of them will live to his or her 90th birthday and a 20% chance of living to his or her 95th birthday. As life expectancy continues to climb, the fear of outliving one’s assets has become top-of-mind for most Americans. Today, it’s becoming more important than ever to put retirement strategies in place that guarantee lifetime income. Read More

Plan Now For Long Term Care

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012 and is filed under Long term care, Uncategorized

 Have you considered who is going to take care of you in your later years? Do you deem the child who can’t even put on matching socks qualified? You may require professional care – especially if your condition requires serious medical attention. Long term care is a growing business, and the earlier you invest –the better!  According to the National Center for Policy Analysis, a nonpartisan Dallas-based public policy advocacy organization, more than half of all people who enter nursing homes spend between $65,700 and $328,500 per year. Most experts agree that buying LTC insurance before you turn 60 is a wise decision.

Worried You Will Live Too Long?

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 and is filed under Financial Planning Blogs, Long term care

Most women will agree that living longer is a blessing if, of course, we keep our health and have the financial means to live life to the fullest without becoming a burden to our family. The statistics behind rising life expectancies paint a clear picture of how important a retirement income strategy can be –– a strategy that provides guaranteed income for life regardless of how long you live.

 Life expectancy rose rapidly in the twentieth century due to improvements in public health, nutrition and medicine. It’s likely that life expectancy of the most developed countries will slowly advance and then reach a peak in the range of the mid-80s in age. Read More