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Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Services

Protect your financial well-being…during and after divorce.

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Cathy DeWitt Dunn specializes in helping women navigate complex financial issues involved during and after divorce––issues that must be addressed to ensure the most equitable divorce settlement possible. In addition, Cathy’s years of experience as a nationally recognized retirement income-planning expert brings clarity to dealing with the financial uncertainties that can come from living on one’s own.

Cathy’s Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Services provide a perfect combination for women seeking a more stable and secure economic future…today and tomorrow. (Based in Dallas, Texas, but licensed nationwide.)

Learn why having a CDFA by your side during divorce is crucial.



Cathy DeWitt Dunn, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Services

Cathy DeWitt Dunn
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Financial & Retirement Income Planning Professional

Over the years, Cathy has empowered thousands of women to take control of their money and attain long-term financial security. Cathy’s consulting style is to get to know each individual client’s financial wishes and fears, and then to present an easy to understand short- or long-term plan that makes sense for them.

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